The mother is the oasis of safety for her children, through her kingdom which represents the place of personal and family stability, the safety and health of this kingdom is based on the mother’s capabilities in providing a safe and healthy home environment for her family, because of the ignorance, neglect and shortages of knowledge in health and safety information among mothers in particular, and family members in general, this may lead to life threats among the family.


The safety of the mother and child at home depends on the awareness and education about the potential risks that may occur inside or outside the house, the risks caused by issues related to child feeding, hygiene, vaccinations, and proper nutrition. These risks may cause physical or psychological damages and could be mitigated through the application of a sound risk assessment.




Woman and Child to Enjoy a Healthy and Safe Home Environment




  1. Promote home fire safety.
  2. Enhance home safety against accidents and injuries.
  3. Rehabilitate home environment to fit the special needs people.
  4. Enhance maternal capabilities to create a psychologically stable home environment.
  5. Enhance the knowledge of mothers in child feeding and proper nutrition.
  6. Enhance the knowledge of mothers in personal hygiene and vaccinations.




  1. Providing consultation:
    1. On Home environment risk assessment.
    2. On (proper nutrition – child breastfeeding – personal hygiene – vaccinations).
    3. For professionals in the basics of health and proper construction of houses.
    4. On mechanisms to reduce the level of child labor.
    5. On creating residential units fit to people with special needs.
    6. On specific health requirements (lighting – humidity – ventilation) for home environment.
  2. Preparation of:
    1. Health manuals for women and children.
    2. Films (documentaries and cartoon), guides, posters and awareness leaflets in the field of home safety.
    3. Fire evacuation plans for homes, and plans to connect families with the concerned institutions.
    4. Safety checklists for the home environment.
  3. Training:
    1. On home fire safety, its incidents, and how to first aid injured people at the home environment.
    2. On methods of risk mitigation for home environment.
    3. On techniques to provide psychological first aid service and psychological support.
    4. In first aid techniques.
  4. Conducting studies on:
    1. Public and mental health of mother and child.
    2. Surveys on the reality of Palestinian society’s home safety.