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About IOSH

Who we are

IOSH is a Palestinian independent, non-profit institution, founded in (2008) through a series of activities and community initiatives carried out by a group of professionals in the areas of prevention, safety and health which shaped results showing the needs of society to promote the culture and measures of prevention, safety and health in various ways of life.

These initiatives were organised under a formal institution legally registered in (2011) with the Ministry of National Economy – Ramallah, as a non-profit organization.

IOSH offices are located in the West Bank and Gaza aiming to develop and strengthen the protection of safety and health of the community in various sectors to reach sustainable development.



A leading national institution in the development of prevention and safety strategies and intervention measures to protect the safety of human health and the environment.



To achieve a complete integrated management in the protection of human and his environment, through policy development, preparation of plans, and the adoption of protection measures by the society, so the citizen will enjoy a safe and healthy environment as an investment and as a vital component of sustainable development.